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Andrea Elles

I was born and brought up in Scotland and studied photography at Napier College in the 1970s. After marrying and bringing up 3 children in England I was lucky enough to return to the inspiring landscapes of Scotland. I became involved in painting on a professional level and it is now simply a compulsion.

I started out sometime ago experimenting with watercolours. I then found Robin Child at the Ludgate Art Research Centre; an inspirational teacher who guided me on a wonderful journey during which I studied in depth many artists, including Richard Diebenkorn, Peter Lanyon, David Bomberg and Nicolas De Staël.

I later joined the Roskvik group of artists with whom I have painted and exhibited over the years. More recently I have been encouraged and influenced by Arthur Neal and Paul Keir.

My work is divided between abstract and figurative. The decision is not always intentional but driven by the paint itself. It takes on a life of its own and can dictate what the next move should be. I am interested in controlling the transparency, translucency and opacity. I want to keep everything immediate whilst also showing a sense of depth, rhythm and paint history.

I have exhibited with The RSA, The Gallery Little Bedwyn, The Rosvik Gallery, The Bryan Sinfield Gallery, The Anthony Woodd Gallery and Saville Row.


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