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Edwina Broadbent

Edwina Broadbent works from her studio overlooking the sea,
near the ancient Cornish fishing village of Mousehole.
The subject matter of her work varies from purely intuitive and abstract to images drawn from the wild elemental landscape of West Cornwall, still lives and the figure. Spontaneity and energy predominate to create dynamic compositions with the tension and balance of colour, shape, line, tone and texture.

Her paintings are peaceful but paradoxically full of energy. Her brushwork is dynamic and expressive but carefully considered. Her palette brims with light and colour.

After a twenty five years teaching painting, printmaking and history of art in various schools in Hertfordshire including The Broxbourne School and Haileybury College, Edwina Broadbent moved to Cornwall in 2002. She had personal and family connections here and fell in love with the wild, elemental beauty of the land and sea. A place to nurture and inspire her desire to paint.

She trained at Harrow School of Art and Middlesex Polytechnic. She has also studied with Robin Child at The Lydgate Art Research Centre.

Edwina works in a variety of media, mainly oil and acrylic and recently has been working with lightfast inks on thick watercolour paper. She enjoys the sumptuous richness and immediacy of inks and the unpredictability, clumsy innocence and surprising truth of a line drawn quickly with a twig dipped in ink.

Her work varies from abstract and semi abstract to more directly observed response. She is inspired by the rugged, dramatic coastline of west Cornwall, transformed by ever changing skies. At other times she is drawn to intimate meditations on the individual character and animation of groupings of flowers and objects.


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