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P L Wright

Penny studied commercial photography at The London School of Printing and Graphic Arts. She went on to work as a photographic printer and then became a portrait photographer for a number of years.
While bringing up her children in North Yorkshire, she attended The Harrogate School of Art, following which she became absorbed by drawing, painting in oils and lino cuts. On returning South, Penny studied with the acclaimed art teacher Robin Child. She is inspired by a number of artists including Degas, Cezanne, Matisse, Paul Klee and Nicolas De Stael. Through their work she has become fascinated by the geometry of the rectangle, colour and the modulation of colour, abstraction and mark making.

Penny lives in Wiltshire and paints in her studio there. She has exhibited at:
The Wykeham Gallery
The Mill Gallery
Royal West of England Academy (awarded The Guilders’ Prize for Artistic Excellence) The Mall Galleries – Armed Forces Art Society (awarded The Thales Prize 2004) The New English Art Club
Royal Society of Portrait Painters
Brian Sinfield Gallery
The Gallery Little Bedwyn


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