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Robin Hambro

"From Dreams to Artwork"

My almost surrealistic, new paintings try to give the viewer a sense of enjoyment and pleasure. I know in today’s art world the theme is generally an obscure message cloaked in hard edged negativity, sex or contemporary icons. I rather choose to present images in a more poetic manner relying on use of color and fantasy presentations. Most of the ideas come either from my dreams or abstract contemplation, but inspiration also comes from the painters Freda Kolo and Dora Carrington.

I have always painted even when working full time. I also designed made and sold a collection of gold jewellery which was sold on Bond Street at Hennells for 5 years. I have had 3 showings of my paintings in USA which happily to say went well.

I approached the Royal Academy 3 years ago as I was concerned that the government had halved the art studies and I suggested that we do a summer exhibition age 6-19 . At first we started with 6,000 entries and now we have 33,000 and it is a huge success with great talent and if we only get one Hockney it will all be worth it!

It is so exciting to be able to show my work at the wonderful new gallery in Little Bedwyn.


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