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in The Gallery Little Bedwyn Studio

There has been a great deal of enthusiastic interest for art lessons in the studio adjacent to The Gallery. We are constantly in discussion with various art teachers to secure dates offering beginners and intermediates a chance to learn and to develop their techniques.


art "paint-in"sessions

The ROSVIK collective has historically been made up of invited artists who specialise in abstract and semi-abstract works and who have come together as a result of their shared interest. All attendees benefit from the shared experience and mutual support received from their fellow artists.


The "paint-ins" are relaxed occasions where each artist is free to work on the subject matter offered for the session (such as life drawing or still life) or to work on their own project in the knowledge that they will receive support and constructive criticism from their peers.  Whilst tuition is sometimes available, the main ethos of the sessions is of mutual benefit, learning and respect.

Selected artworks produced during and subsequent to these workshops may be also considered for exhibitions held at The Gallery Hungerford and The Gallery Little Bedwyn.

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