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Fay Ross-Magenty



Fay is a painter and printmaker.

The energy beneath .....
I am interested in the energy underlying a landscape, figure or object and the way the use of different media or the printing press can transform an observational drawing into something more abstract and intriguing.

Images become about the subject rather than of it; or about the experience of being in a place rather than just a record of what it looks like.

This way, every move becomes a risk in which the paint or ink, colour or line take on a life of their own. It’s like going on a fairground ride to a place I didn’t even know existed. Scary… fun……… addictive.

Painting under Robin Child at the Lydgate Art Research Centre in Wiltshire
Printmaking at Kensington and Chelsea College, London, and the
Rabley Drawing Centre, Wiltshire.

Exhibited at:
Society of Women Artists Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
Chelsea Art Society Open Exhibition
Artspoken, Canary Wharf
Rabley Drawing Centre, Wiltshire
Rosvik Gallery, Wiltshire
The Gallery Little Bedwyn, Wiltshire

Work in corporate and private collections and on long-term display in the Museum of London Docklands


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