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Georgie Donnelly



Georgie Donnelly – who achieves a light, blurring effect through use of large brushes, her fingers, palette knives and, occasionally, paint rollers – deals in images of what she calls “half-remembered places”. She’ll act as guide for part of the way there, but we’ll have to complete the trip ourselves.

Ever since the advent of photography, painters have wrestled with the conundrum of how to work in a context where cameras capture reality more precisely than brushes. Degas, Munch, Eakins – as well as, more recently, Gerhard Richter and David Hockney – are just a few of the painters for whom this conundrum has been fundamental.

For Georgie (born 1956, South Africa), however, it has presented a veld of opportunity. Her hazy, semi-abstract landscapes and cityscapes, she says, “force the viewer to fill in the gaps with their imagination”.

1989 – 2014 Returned to drawing, painting and ceramics
1989 Ceramics Chelsea Art School; Marlborough School;
Sands End with Georg Farkas; Putney Art School and Heatherleys with Clare Ireland
2010 Figurative Sculpture; Park Walk Studios with Tim Beswick; commissions of animal heads
2014 – 2015 HNC (Fine Arts) Kensington and Chelsea College
2015 – 2016 Higher National Diploma (Fine Arts) Kensington and Chelsea College (with Erika Winstone, Jane Eyton, Greg Rook, Daniela Rizzi)
2016 – 2017 Royal Drawing Schools – oil portraiture with Mark Cazalet and Ian Rowlandson. Drawing and painting with Robin Child, Devon
2017 – 2018 Joined Rosvik Gallery and Studio under Carol Davis

2021 The Gallery Little Bedwyn
2021 Chelsea Art Society, London
2018 Carpe Diem Exhibition, La Galleria Royal Opera Arcade, London
2016 Solo Exhibition, Earl Mountbatten Hospice Art Gallery, Isle of Wight
2016 HND Final Exhibition, RR Gallery, St Peter’s Church, Notting Hill
2015 HNC Final Exhibition, Hortensia Gallery, Kensington and Chelsea College, London
2015 Ready Mades Soft Sculpture group exhibition, Hortensia Gallery, KCC
2014 Ist KCC group exhibition
2013 Ceramics group exhibition, Heatherley’s, London
2012 Group exhibition, with, Albany Wiseman, Peter Donnelly & Hugh Fairfax, Bembridge, Isle of Wight
1995 Group exhibition of ceramics, Marlborough School, Sloane Avenue, London


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