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Patricia Burnett-Stuart



Born and educated in Versailles France, I went on to study “Les Arts Plastiques” partly at L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts, and L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers et Métiers d’Arts in the 70s.
So I really learned about radical behaviour, political attitudes, Body Art, demonstrations and welding old Citroën cars from the pile of wrecks at the plant of the Quai Javel in Paris.
The sculptures were unexpected… Welding techniques might come useful?
So with 2 degrees, one in Arts Plastiques and the other in History of Art and Archeology, I know everything about rabbit warrens in Dartmoor in medieval times.
Cinéma was included in the degree, so along with such well known director as Eric Rohmer, I learned a lot about composition and “cadrage”.
All wonderfully intellectual, often great fun…
Married to a UK farmer, I moved to the North East of Scotland in 1975.
When our two little girls went to school in Aberdeen, I joined Aberdeen Kings College. More wonderful enlightened moments with English and French Littérature.
And most importantly I finally reconnected with ART by joining Open University’s Art degree. It took me to DOING and looking and making a mess while drawing and painting, getting joyfully creative.
At last it was about creating something (rather than commenting…)
The degree assessment was in the Leith School of Arts, 3 hours drive to Edinburgh.
Wonderful buzzing place, there was so much to learn and do…
Completed the O.C of Arts course, I carried on with Leith, on a weekly basis. I met lots of clever artists, inspired painters . (Anne Oram, Eleanor White, Jacqueline Watt, tought by Joan Eardley, Frances MacDonald, Barbara Rae, Ann Redpath, Bellamy , Duncan Shanks, Bob Batchelor, …)
They all have a strong sense of colour. Their paintings show the most fabulous talented depiction of colours, and the emotions of the viewer. They translate their emotions into colours. I spent so long looking and looking.
I am still trying to use techniques learned “en route” in Paris, Leith, from Robin Child, and other courses with inspiring artists.
Each painting takes me back to the beginning. Always a new story, exciting and scary. The colours are always linked to the emotions. So much to learn…
Rosvik is not just a happy place where we run and gass with old friends, it’s a hard working busy studio, and sparking off others brings new ideas and new ways.
It always feel like the first time I paint.
Scotland adds the extraordinary spectrum of colours Dampness is adding to the vivacity colours, like wet pebbles on the beach that show amazing colours when wet, and dry become flat and grey. Scotland is often damp!!
Before all, painting is JOY. Hopefully it will be shared…


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